Vaillant Electrodes & Leads

Vaillant Electrode and Vaillant Lead are used in many different ways and can be referred to as a Vaillant Spark Electrode or Vaillant Ignition Electrode, these electrodes ignite the gas within the boiler when gas is first present within the combustion chamber.

The Flame Rectification Electrode, Ionisation Electrode or Flame Detection Electrode monitors the flame within the combustion chamber, the sole purpose of these Vaillant detection electrodes is to confirm there is a flame burning and if for any reason the flame was to extinguish the electrode would detect this and send a signal to the pcb which in turn would stop gas being injected into the burner. stock a wide range of Genuine Vaillant Heating Spares and Vaillant Boiler Parts. They include Aqua Sensors, Auto Air Vents, Diverter Valves, Actuator Motors, Pumps, Gas Valves, Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), Sensors, DHW Heat Exchangers, Thermistors, Pressure Relief Valves (PRV), Fan Proving Switches, Pressure Gauges, Time Clocks, Programmers, Micro Switches, Condensing Collectors, Filling Valve, Manifolds, Diaphragms, Thermostats, Filling Keys, Gaskets, Display Boards, Expansion Vessels, Flanges, Wiring Harnesses, Cable Tree, Vaillant Electrodes , Vaillant Leads , Magnetos, Controls Knobs, Burners, Water Valves, Flues, Pipes, Venturi, Washers, Clips, Seals, O Rings, Cartridges, Non Return Valves, Service Kits, Fuses, Potentiometers, Springs, Service Cocks, 3 Port Valves, Water Pressure Switches, Siphons, Door Seals, Condensate Traps, Drain Cocks, Flexible Tubes, Air Inlet Ducts and many more.

Below are some of the Vaillant Boiler Spare Parts we specialise in:

  • VCW Sine 18 – VCW 242E/282E
  • Combicompact – Thermocompact, Thermocompact Plus, Turbomax
  • Turbomax Pro 24 and Pro 28
  • Turbomax Plus 824,828, aqua Plus
  • Ecomax 824/828, 824/2E/828/2E- ecomax Pro
  • ecoTEC Pro 24/Pro28, EcoTEC Plus 831/837/937
  • ecoTEC System 612/615/618/624/630/637
  • ecoTEC Plus 415/418/428/438
  • EcoTeC Exclusive 832/838
  • And many other products…, stockist of genuine Vaillant Electrodes & Leads