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Kane 458 Flue Gas Analyser CPA1 Kit

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  • Dual pump system for CO sensor ‘over-range’ protection
  • Structured commissioning test
  • Fast print
  • Screen protection
  • 6 line display
  • Factory fitted upgrades available
  • …the best just keeps getting better!



  • Structured commission test
  • Rotary switch for ease of use
  • Data hold
  • Logs & prints reports with optional infra-red printer
    1. Combustion
    2. Pressure
    3. Let-by & Tightness
    4. Temperature
    5. CO build up
    6. Commission test
  • 6 year warranty if serviced annually by Kane



  • Installation and servicing of domestic oil or gas appliances
  • Safety checks
  • CO in a room or around an appliance
  • Combustion performance checks
  • Combustion efficiency checks
  • Flue Draught



  • CO2 direct with an infra-red sensor 0-20%
  • CO 0-2,000ppm
  • Differential temperature
  • High accuracy differential pressure meter +/- 80mbar



  • O2
  • Excess air
  • CO/CO2 ratio
  • Combustion efficiency


Fuels Types

  • Natural Gas
  • Butane
  • Propane
  • LPG
  • 28 sec oil
  • 35 sec oil
  • Wood pellets


Box Contents

  • Analyser
  • Probe
  • Pressure connectors
  • Mains AC Charger
  • Quick guide reference
  • Calibration report
  • KANE IRP-2 Infra-red printer
  • GLD/450plus gas leak detector
  • KAL1 air liquid temperature probe
  • Pressure hose
  • KPCP clamp-on pipe temperature probes
  • ASP2 appliance sampling probe kit
  • 12v in vehicle charger
  • Large carry bag

Part Number : Kane 458 CPA1 Kit

Replaces Part Number : n/a

Part GC Number : n/a

Kane Manuals

Kane 458 CPA1 Kit is the ideal instrument for performing commissioning tests on new boilers. Kane 458 Flue Gas Analyser CPA1 Kit is also ideal when carrying out service on existing boilers, Thanks to its automated test sequence which adheres to the guidelines set out in Technical Bulletin 143. CO measurement is an essential part of the commissioning procedure and the analyser can measure both flue and ambient CO concentration between 0 and 2000ppm. The carbon monoxide sensor is also protected by an innovative dual pump system which is a major improvement on previous models.

Other measurement functions on the Kane 458 include differential temperature, differential pressure, and CO2 concentration which make it ideal for analysing combustion performance as well as carrying out tightness/let by tests. The instrument can calculate important combustion factors such as efficiency, oxygen content, CO/CO2 ratio and excess air.

Up to six readings can be displayed at once on the Kane 458’s large digital screen and the included IRP-2 printer allows wireless printing of results. Optional Bluetooth modules for communication with Android and iOS smart devices are also available.

A wide range of probes is included in the Kane 458 CPA1 Kit. First and foremost, an ASP2 sampling probe kit contains three probes for performing analysis on flue less appliances. An air/liquid temperature probe is provided and flow and return temperatures can be measured using the two supplied KPCP clamp-on probes. Finally, a GLD/450plus gas leak detector helps ensure user safety by warning of combustible gas concentrations above 50ppm.

A large carry bag is provided for the analyser, gas leak detector and probes. Combustion analysis is possible on a wide range of fuels with the Kane 458 and it is covered by a six-year manufacturer’s warranty (provided it is annually serviced by Kane).

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