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Heatingspares247.com Power Flush HS8

Heatingspares247.com Power Flush HS8

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Product Details:

  • Part Number: n/a
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  • Part GC Number: HS8
  • A neutral solution of highly active chemicals designed to remove the build up of sludge in central heating systems. Compatible with all materials in central heating systems, can be left in system for up to one week to improve cleaning of badly infected installations.
  • Features

  • Suitable for use with all types of power flushing equipment No need to neutralise, just flush well with clean water Restores flow, improves circulation and reduces boiler noise Removes sludge, flux residues, black iron oxide and scale slurry

  • Application

  • To clean a central heating system in accordance with BS7953:2006, Power Flush HS8 should be circulated with all valves open for a minimum period of one hour before flushing. For badly contaminated systems a longer circulation period may be necessary. Warming the system will aid the process. No neutralisation procedure is required. After cleaning, the system should be drained and thoroughly flushed through all drain points with clean water. Refill and treat with Central Heating Inhibitor HS1.
  • Dose Rate: One litre of Power Flush HS8 is sufficient to treat a typical domestic central heating system with up to ten radiators. For larger systems an additional bottle will be required. Overdosing does not present a problem.

  • Dosing Instructions

  • Open vented systems: Dose through the fill and expansion system – sufficient water must be drained from the system to ensure that all of the product enters the circulating part of the system
  • Sealed Systems: If the system is empty add to any convenient point before filling; if full, dose through any convenient access point. Suitable with use with all types of power flushing equipment.
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