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Glowworm PCB Replacement Kit Xi Range 2000802731

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Genuine, Original Glowworm Boiler & Heating Spare Parts

  • Glowworm 15HXI
  • Glowworm 18HXI
  • Glowworm 24 CXI
  • Glowworm 30 CXI
  • Glowworm 38 CXI

Part Number : 2000802731

Replaces Part Number : 2000801719, 801719, 802731

Part GC Number : n/a

Glowworm Boiler Manuals

Glowworm PCB Replacement Kit Xi Range 2000802731 is the control centre of the appliance. It monitors and controls every process that occurs via the switches, sensors and thermostats. It also enforces the safety measures making sure that the boiler ceases to function if any of the internal readings point to an error in the boilers operation.

This Glowworm PCB Replacement Kit Xi Range 2000802731 part is present in afew different boilers in the Glowworm range.This Circuit Board has 3 other part number, Glowworm 2000801719, also printed circuit board 801719, PCB Board 802731.
2000802731 PCB is the final part number that replaces all the previous numbers, always refer to the manufacturers instructions.

When replacing a faulty pcb or a burnt out printed circuit board, always insist on a genuine boiler part, Heatingspares247.com are Elite Glowworm Stockist.

When you are having the boiler repaired or serviced or installed, always use a competent person, a Gas Safe Engineer.

2000801719, 801719, 802731