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Sime Boiler Parts & Heating Spares stock a wide range of Sime Boiler and Heating spare parts. They include Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), Diverter Valves, 3 way Valves, Pressure Switches, Pumps, NTC Sensors, Gas Valves, Actuator Motors, Electrodes, Heat Exchangers, Manifolds, Auto Air Vents, Condensate Traps, Condensing Heat Exchangers, Overheat Stats, Pressure Relief Valves (PRV), Thermistors, Burners, Fan Assemblies, Gaskets, Cartridges, Service Kits, Diaphragms, Expansion Vessels, Clocks, Programmers, Microswitches, Thermocouples, Venturies, Spark Generators and many more.
Below are some of the Sime boilers we specialise in:
  • Brava DGT HE25, HE30, HE35
  • Dewy, EcoComfort, EcoComfort Plus
  • Format, Friendly, Murelle
  • Planet, Super, Superior
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